General Commission Info

If you are interested in a commission, please send an e-mail to with the title "Commission" and the following info in the following format:

* Amount : (head shot, waist up, mid-thigh up, full body)
* Background : (blank, transparent, in a room, outdoors etc)
* Additional description :
* Your Paypal account e-mail :
* Provide me with reference pictures/photos


Here are prices for one colored character, if you want multiple characters then for the second character are same prices (depends on how much is the second character visible).

Head shot ........... $12
Waist up ............. $15
Mid-thigh up ........ $20
Full body ............. $25

+ outfit (depending on the detail level) $0-25
+ background (depending on the detail level) $0-25

NB! Prices don't include the payment service provider's fees.

Wont's and Cant's

Overall I'm ok with drawing different stuff including yaoi, yuri, hentai.

* I will not draw anything I consider unethical like animal cruelty, humiliation, noncon etc.
* I can't draw children and not very good with mechas, but I can try XD.
* I will not draw real people.

Commission process

Once I've replied to you with a price and you've accepted the price, please send the money to my paypal account (will include it in the email).

After the payment is processed, I will put you on the list of commissioners. I will work on the commissions in a first come/pay basis. You can cancel the commission anytime before you pay, but there will be no refund afterwards. You will receive a sketch preview of the artwork so you can tell me if you want any changes before I work on the details. Maximum two rounds of changes.

After the drawing is complete, you will have another chance to request minor adjustments such as color and atmosphere, but nothing extreme like a different pose or additional stuff not mentioned before. Please remember that I can't read minds so unless you specifically tell me what you want, I won't know it (^_~)

The entire process can take anywhere between a few days to a month depending on your spot on the waiting list, I will let you know approximate time in the e-mail.