Rivars Studio is creating free visual novel games (with male/male relationships).

Harry Potter and the Transformency Spell
Release date : 18th October 2015
Time : 40 min
Summary : After the Second Wizarding War Harry, Ron and Hermione decides to go back to Hogwarts to relax and finish education after the battle. Even though Voldemort is defeated life brings Harry another surprising adventure.

Ages 13+
English version Windows Mac Linux
Russian version Windows Mac Linux

* * *

Harry Potter and the Mysterious Thief part I
Release date : 22nd April 2017
Time : 1 h 30 min
Summary : Three years passed after Hogwarts. Harry is working as an Auror and he has to team up with Draco Malfoy to work on the Mysterious Thiefs case.

Ages 18+
! WARNING ! This game contains explicit sexual images! It is suited only for audiences over 18 years old.
English version Windows(18+) Mac(18+) Linux(18+)
Russian version Windows(18+) Mac(18+) Linux(18+)

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